Erreur SQL !
SELECT SUM(clicks) as clicks, EAN, COUNT(*) as offres, MIN(t1.price) as bestprice, (SELECT product_name FROM flow WHERE EAN = t1.EAN ORDER BY clicks DESC LIMIT 1) AS nom FROM `flow` as t1 WHERE (product_name LIKE '%%' AND (categorie='4' OR categorie='66' OR categorie='79' OR categorie='80' OR categorie='81' OR categorie='82' OR categorie='83' OR categorie='67' OR categorie='69' OR categorie='117' OR categorie='118' OR categorie='78' OR categorie='274' OR categorie='275' OR categorie='276' OR categorie='277' OR categorie='278' OR categorie='279' OR categorie='84' OR categorie='85' OR categorie='86' OR categorie='87' OR categorie='88' OR categorie='89' OR categorie='90' OR categorie='91' OR categorie='92' OR categorie='93' OR categorie='94' OR categorie='95' OR categorie='96' OR categorie='97' OR categorie='98' OR categorie='99' OR categorie='100' OR categorie='101' OR categorie='112' OR categorie='113' OR categorie='114' OR categorie='115' OR categorie='116' OR categorie='107' OR categorie='108' OR categorie='109' OR categorie='110' OR categorie='111' OR categorie='140' OR categorie='141' OR categorie='142' OR categorie='143' OR categorie='236' OR categorie='250' OR categorie='251' OR categorie='252' OR categorie='254' OR categorie='255' OR categorie='256' OR categorie='257' OR categorie='253')) AND EAN!='' AND date >= CURRENT_DATE - INTERVAL 14 DAY GROUP BY EAN ORDER BY clicks DESC LIMIT 50
Unknown column 'categorie' in 'where clause'