Erreur SQL !
SELECT SUM(clicks) as clicks, EAN, COUNT(*) as offres, MIN(t1.price) as bestprice, (SELECT product_name FROM flow WHERE EAN = t1.EAN ORDER BY clicks DESC LIMIT 1) AS nom FROM `flow` as t1 WHERE (product_name LIKE '%%' AND (categorie='3' OR categorie='51' OR categorie='52' OR categorie='53' OR categorie='237' OR categorie='238' OR categorie='239' OR categorie='240' OR categorie='241' OR categorie='54' OR categorie='55' OR categorie='207' OR categorie='208' OR categorie='209' OR categorie='210' OR categorie='213' OR categorie='56' OR categorie='242' OR categorie='243' OR categorie='244' OR categorie='245' OR categorie='246' OR categorie='57' OR categorie='204' OR categorie='205' OR categorie='58' OR categorie='59' OR categorie='211' OR categorie='212' OR categorie='76' OR categorie='77' OR categorie='103' OR categorie='104' OR categorie='105' OR categorie='106' OR categorie='247' OR categorie='248' OR categorie='280')) AND EAN!='' AND date >= CURRENT_DATE - INTERVAL 14 DAY GROUP BY EAN ORDER BY clicks DESC LIMIT 50
Unknown column 'categorie' in 'where clause'