Erreur SQL !
SELECT SUM(clicks) as clicks, EAN, COUNT(*) as offres, MIN(t1.price) as bestprice, (SELECT product_name FROM flow WHERE EAN = t1.EAN ORDER BY clicks DESC LIMIT 1) AS nom FROM `flow` as t1 WHERE (product_name LIKE '%%' AND (categorie='155' OR categorie='156' OR categorie='157' OR categorie='158' OR categorie='161' OR categorie='162' OR categorie='163' OR categorie='164' OR categorie='165' OR categorie='159' OR categorie='171' OR categorie='172' OR categorie='173' OR categorie='174' OR categorie='160' OR categorie='166' OR categorie='167' OR categorie='168' OR categorie='169' OR categorie='170' OR categorie='175' OR categorie='176' OR categorie='177' OR categorie='178' OR categorie='203' OR categorie='199' OR categorie='200' OR categorie='222' OR categorie='223' OR categorie='224' OR categorie='225' OR categorie='226' OR categorie='227' OR categorie='228' OR categorie='229' OR categorie='230' OR categorie='231' OR categorie='232' OR categorie='233' OR categorie='249')) AND EAN!='' AND date >= CURRENT_DATE - INTERVAL 14 DAY GROUP BY EAN ORDER BY clicks DESC LIMIT 50
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